Getting Help

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How the OEA Can Help Employers

The Office of the Employer Adviser (OEA) can offer education, information, expert legal advice and representation in Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) unlawful reprisal matters to employers with fewer than 50 employees, all at no fee to the employer. We can represent the employer at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) hearing, at mediation, and prepare the necessary documents to respond to the application. We can also provide legal advice to an employer considering disciplinary action against an employee who has been involved in health and safety issues, to help avoid a potential unlawful reprisal complaint. While we can assist employers in any dispute involving a possible reprisal complaint under the OHSA, the OEA is not authorized to offer employers general legal advice and representation concerning other aspects of the OHSA.

Employers can call the OEA’s Advice Centre at any time to discuss concerns they have regarding unlawful reprisal issues, or ask us a question online.