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The Office of the Employer Adviser (OEA) e-bulletins are designed to inform employers about changes in workplace safety insurance policies and procedures and to highlight business issues of interest. If you would like to be notified when new issues become available, please send us an email at: oeanews@ontario.ca.

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To view these documents in PDF you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

December 2014 (PDF 419kb) NEW

  • Director’s Message
  • Tip: If you have difficulty finding information by using the Search bar on the WSIB’s new website, check the site map.
  • WSIB revised/new benefits policies released
  • WSIB 2Q reports released
  • The Globe & Mail conducted an investigative report on occupational exposure to asbestos
  • Institute for Work & Health (IWH) provides online access to industry-relevant literature
  • Helpful Websites

August 2014 – Special Update (PDF 139kb)

  • 2015 WSIB premium rates

July 2014 (PDF 502kb)

  • Director’s Message
  • Tip: Ensure you check Box C12 on your Form 7 if you have concerns about a claim.
  • WSIB Appeals Services Division Practice & Procedures document has been revised
  • WSIAT Practice Directions have been revised
  • WSIB announces new Musculoskeletal Program of Care (MSK POC)
  • WSIAT chronic stress case has overturned the traumatic mental stress provisions in the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997 (WSIA)
  • Ontario increases firefighter cancer coverage
  • Updated WSIB reports available online
  • Highlights of 2013 WSIAT decisions released
  • WSIB launches eLearning series for workers
  • Helpful Websites

March 2014 (PDF 359kb)

  • Director’s Message
  • Tip: Review the WSIB’s Administrative Practice Documents (APDs) for WSIB policies, where provided, to develop a greater understanding of how the WSIB will apply the policy in the decision-making process.
  • Changes to penalties for voluntary compliance came into effect February 1st
  • Deadline for feedback on WSIB draft benefits policies extended to April 30th
  • WSIB released revised policies for the Alternative Assessment Procedure (AAP) for interprovincial trucking and courier employers
  • WSIB posts Schedule 2 provisional premium rates for 2014
  • WSIB 3rd quarter report for 2013 released
  • Study finds that mindfulness meditation may be more effective than drugs for anxiety and depression
  • Compounds found in over-the-counter fish oil may offer safer and more effective treatment for chronic pain than drugs
  • New study finds shift work can switch genes linked to the immune system off
  • Helpful Websites

January 2014 (PDF 371kb)

  • Director’s Message
  • Tip: If you are appealing a decision to the WSIB’s Appeals Branch, be sure to provide the names of any potential witnesses when completing the Appeal Readiness Form / Respondent Form.
  • Bill 119 comes into full effect January 1, 2014
  • Deadline for feedback on WSIB draft benefits policies is February 28th
  • WSIB is offering expanded work reintegration and job placement services for certain workers
  • Ontario government introduces Bill 146 which, if passed, would affect employers contracting workers from temporary help agencies
  • Ontario’s Official Opposition introduced Bill 147 which intends to allow the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) to award costs
  • Private Members’ Bill 155 could have construction employers pay one-third the premium rate for their rate group, for five years
  • Helpful website

October 2013 (PDF 394kb)

  • Director’s Message
  • Tip: Let the WSIB know if a Program of Care is not helpful in returning the worker to productive work.
  • WSIB creates new website dedicated to Bill 119 issues
  • WSIB continues to review herbicide exposure claims
  • WSIB releases 2013 provisional administration rates for Schedule 2 employers
  • WSIB releases external report on employer claim suppression
  • Building site managers need to be vigilant about safety
  • Why you should follow the OEA on Twitter
  • OEA helps employer receive 100% retroactive Second Injury and Enhancement Fund (SIEF) and retroactive experience rating adjustment
  • Reprisal complaints under s. 50 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) require immediate action with extremely tight deadlines
  • Helpful website: Small business: advice, support services, regulations

July 2013 – Special Update (PDF 82kb)

  • 2014 WSIB premium rates

July 2013 (PDF 487kb)

  • Director’s Message: WSIB’s Rate Framework Consultation
  • Tip: If you decide to pay your WSIB premiums through your bank’s online payment system, be sure to allow 48+ hours for the money to arrive at the WSIB in order to avoid late payment charges and interest.
  • Ontario Court of Appeal decides damages cannot be awarded under a collective agreement if the worker’s injury / disease is compensable under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) or a former Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA)
  • WSIB releases the Jim Thomas Benefits Policy Review Final Report
  • WSIB releases the Interim Discussion on the Rate Framework Consultation
  • 2014 WSIB premium rates to be released this summer
  • Helpful website: “Workplace FAQs During Natural Disasters”

May 2013 (PDF 418kb)

  • Director’s Message: Updated Guidebooks and WSIB Policy consultations
  • Tip: A clearance is mandatory if you hire a contractor or independent operator (IO) to do construction work.
  • Deadline to return Transition Appeal Readiness Forms (TARFs) has been extended
  • Public hearings held for the WSIB’s Rate Framework Consultation
  • Benefits Policy Review in the final stages
  • Insurable earnings and premium estimator for the construction industry
  • Link found between Parkinson’s disease and the pesticide benomyl
  • USA’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) focusing on acute injuries v. occupational diseases
  • Ontario seeks input on a new, integrated, province-wide occupational health and safety strategy
  • Helpful website: The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) and mental illness

February 2013 – Special Update (PDF 25kb)

  • WSIB appeal rules changes

December 2012 (PDF 463kb)

  • Director’s Message: Bill 119
  • Tip of the month: Even if an employer is aware that a worker has a pre-existing condition, the employer must file an “Employer’s Report of Injury/Disease” Form 0007A (Form 7) with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) if the worker reports an injury to the employer.
  • WSIB releases the Appeals Modernization Consultation report
  • WSIB releases revised policies clarifying “non-work-related disabilities” to include learning disabilities
  • OEA ensures an employer actually received the 100% Second Injury & Enhancement Fund (SIEF) cost relief that was granted by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT)
  • Helpful websites about learning disabilities

November 2012 (PDF 524kb)

  • Director’s Message: Recent initiatives
  • Tip of the month: Report all work-related accidents/injuries/illnesses to the WSIB even if you think the claim may be “fraudulent”
  • Appeals Modernization Program changes pushed back to February 1, 2013
  • WSIB releases the new exemption form for executive officers, under Bill 119
  • WSIB consultation schedule and supplementary materials for Benefits
  • Policy Review released
  • WSIB announces Special Advisor for its “Rate Framework Consultation”
  • 2013 WSIB premium rates released
  • WSIB introduces a new specialty program for shoulder injuries
  • WSIB launched a new Form 8
  • WSIB releases 2012-2016 Strategic Plan results for Q1 and Q2 2012
  • Alberta approves presumptive legislation for first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Ontario private member’s bill calling for presumptive legislation for PTSD among first responders dies on the order table
  • OEA helps to confirm denial of entitlement to chronic pain disability and loss of earnings (LOE) benefits

October 2012 – Special Update (PDF 6kb)

  • Ontario government announces proposed amendments to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA)

September 2012 (PDF 504kb)

  • Director’s Message: Thomas Review
  • Tip of the month: Make sure that your offer of modified work is in writing.
  • The WSIB’S website now includes messages from the Chair and President
  • WSIB pushes back the start date for changes to its appeals system
  • WSIB benefits policy consultation is underway
  • WSIB launches campaign for mandatory coverage in construction
  • WSIB 1st quarter report for 2012 released
  • WSIB plans to eliminate the unfunded liability by 2027
  • Extension given for the Safety Groups program
  • Attorney General appeals $200,000 sentence against Metron
  • Ministry of Labour (MOL) health and safety inspectors checking that the new occupational health and safety poster is displayed in all workplaces starting October 1st
  • Occupational exposure to diesel exhaust may increase the risk of cancer
  • OEA helps confirm the denial of initial entitlement because of delays in reporting the injury, and inconsistencies in the accident history
  • Helpful website – Mental Health

June 2012 (PDF 492kb)

  • Director’s Message
  • Tip of the month: Make sure you always have a valid clearance certificate from all contractors before allowing them to perform any work at your business premises.
  • New WSIB Chair to address an unfunded liability of $14.2 billion
  • WSIB launches an appeals “modernization” initiative
  • WSIB releases 2012/13 Policy Agenda
  • WSIB releases final Bill 119 policies
  • Private Member’s Bill 87 challenges mandatory WSIB coverage
  • New WSIB mental health specialty team focuses on psychiatric and chronic pain entitlement
  • Mental health experts are concerned about proposed revisions to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders
  • New regulations ensure the WSIB meets funding sufficiency, and extends the temporary indexing factor to 2013 and 2014
  • WSIB releases Q4 report
  • WSIB e-learning series is available
  • Federal employer ordered to reinstate worker who was not accommodated for 16+ years, yet was kept on payroll, and was fired for a medical absence
  • Alberta’s Bill 1 would provide presumptive coverage for PTSD for first responders
  • Ontario Lung Association (OLA) offers industry-specific fact sheets to explain how asthma may be triggered or aggravated by workplace substances
  • New occupational health and safety poster must be clearly displayed in all workplaces
  • OEA helps employer obtain access to worker’s claim file to prepare for SIEF appeal
  • Helpful website – MOL Health and Safety Videos

April 2012 (PDF 478kb)

  • Director’s Message: Section 50
  • Tip of the Month: Consider informing injured workers about the time limit for filing a WSIB claim so they can meet their obligations if they are seeking WSIB benefits, and you can protect your business from a worker’s request to extend the time to file a claim several months (or years) down the road
  • WSIB Chair Steve Mahoney not seeking reappointment
  • C. D. Howe Institute reports on the WSIB’s unfunded liability
  • Continue to direct requests for SIEF relief to the Case Manager
  • WSIB releases Framework for Policy Development and Renewal
  • WSIB releasing work reintegration (WR) summary assessment reports to employers
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) highlights carcinogens in Canadian workplaces
  • Nanoparticles Cause Brain Injury in Fish
  • United States of America (USA) lists dry cleaning chemical to the list of “likely carcinogens”
  • Occupational exposure to Trichloroethylene (TCE) results in six-fold increased risk of Parkinson’s disease
  • Commonly used herbicide “atrazine” linked to reproductive problems in animals
  • American government adds eight substances to its Report on Carcinogens
  • Link established between polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs) in office air, and in the blood of office workers
  • OEA helps confirm worker not entitled to further loss of earnings (LOE) benefits following termination of employment