How to File a Complaint

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Making a Complaint
Although the Office of Employer Adviser (OEA) endeavors to provide excellent service to all its clients, there may be occasions when employers wish to complain about their treatment by OEA staff or how their problems have been handled. We welcome your concerns, and will try to resolve them to your satisfaction.

Employers may file their complaint in one of two ways:

  • By completing the on-line complaint form and submitting it via email; or
  • By downloading a printable complaint form and faxing it to our office at 416 327-0726

Within 10 business days of the complaint being received:

  • The completed form will be directed to the Manager of the employee or the process being complained about
  • Management will review the complaint and ask for additional clarification if necessary
  • Management will discuss the complaint with the employee/s in question
  • Management will respond to the individual making the complaint, seeking to redress the problem

The OEA commits to using the complaint process as a means to improve over-all service and the processes of the agency. Even if a particular complaint cannot be resolved to an individual’s satisfaction, we commit to continually striving to improve our service.

Note that it is important that a complainant raise their concerns in a timely fashion; the closer in time that a complaint is made in relation to the triggering behaviour or incident, the more options for redress may be available.

In order to make a complaint you must keep track of all such information as:

  • The names and titles of the persons you have dealt with
  • The dates you were in contact (or missed contact) with OEA staff
  • The advice you were given and the things you were told to do
  • Emails or other written communication with OEA staff, so it can be provided if required

Filing your complaint
Complaints may be made about an individual’s behaviour or the interaction, advice, representation or other service that you received from the OEA staff member. We welcome comments about how our services can be improved to better serve Ontario employers, but caution that the OEA does not have the ability or mandate to change Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) or Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT) decisions.

To complain on-line, click here.

Note that complaints may also be filed:

  • By fax at 416 327-0726

To download printable complaint form, click here.

  • By mail to:
    Office of the Employer Adviser
    505 University Avenue, 20th Floor
    Toronto, ON M5G 2P1
  • By phone at 1 800- 387-0774 during regular business hours